The Coolest Tourist Niche Ever?

Having been described as “the new wine” by Wendy Bruner, you can see her point. This article concentrates on letting everybody see the positives of legalizing cannabis in the area, and how it is creating new employment and tourist opportunities at every turn. While officials seek to downplay the significance of the move in regards to tourism, the high numbers visiting the state and the amount of marijuana tours being set up across Colorado say otherwise!

Positive Signs For The Cannabis Tourism Influx!

While the majority of readers are just happy to see the legalization process going so well for others, a huge part of the upside of this is the tourism. While cannabis remains illegal elsewhere, tourist states are looking like they could bag millions in proceeds. This article shows you all about the upcoming marijuana tourist attractions, covering everything from the start of the process to seeing how the bud you love so much is formed.

Showing The Positive Side of Legalization

It’s certainly a positive step in the directions of where we want to go when marijuana was finally legalized in Colorado. However, they are looking to keep the push going, trying to build on this new industry and actually – shock horror – are making it work pretty well. This article concentrates on showing the skeptics and those who “just don’t want that kind of state” how positive an effect it is having on the area. Look, nobody is forgetting to go to work or crashing their cars, and the economy and employment opportunities are increasing every day!

New Laws Aren't Creating New Users

According to Gnomes National News Service, legalization of Cannabis in Colorado didn't create the hordes of new "pot smokers" 64's opponents predicted it would. A few may try it just because they can now, but basically, it's the same-old stoners; doing it legally these days.

Why The Cannabis Tourism Influx Is Only Positive!

This article concentrates on telling the detailed side of the story from many different perspectives. It takes in people from popular magazines, online websites, even the Colorado Tourism Office. The idea is to show everybody that the idea is not to create a stoned nation, but to form a strong economy and future for the State. The signs so far have, for sure, been increasingly positive.

Tourism Officials In Colorado Would Rather Not See So Much of Their State In The News

Michael Roberts, Denver Westword Blogs, has some interesting info on legalization, and the news media. Colorado's tourism biggies continue to pretend pot doesn't exist in their state, while at the same time, everyone else in the world knows better because it's getting coverage from major networks.

The Ganja Bus Is Real!

If you have ever heard the Cyprus Hill song, you will know what we mean. Tour buses are now doing the rounds, letting you hear, see and taste the worlds most enjoyable tourist economy. The changes to the State is completely altering public perception of the plant, and helping put everybody in a much clearer mindframe regarding marijuana. If you are looking to enjoy one of these growing list of excellent marijuana tours around Colorado, to see the budding state explode into one of the most enjoyable places to be in the United States, then we are here to help.

Persecution Is Alive and Well In Salida, Kansas

According to Taylor Pettaway, Collegian Staff Reporter, you don't want to get caught helping sick people in Salida with a ride out of state. Bart Allen lives in Salida with his wife, who suffers chronic health pain. If you know nothing about MMJ, trying to find out can lead to a serious case of info over-load.

How Colorado Is Benefitting From The New Tourism

This article shows you everything from the positive health effects marijuana has had on one women, and also the benefits it’s having on an entire State. It follows the story of Bart Allen who opened UberDank Destinations that drives people to Colorado to help them explore the wonderful new world of opportunity ahead of them. Showing that the plant is helpful not just to those looking to calm down and enjoy a quiet, relaxing time, but also to those who need a little assistance.

Cannabis Activities Gain In Popularity

This article by Jorge Calvillo of the Latinos Post, seems to be saying anyone who has time, and investment money for a tour company, or anything else to do with legalized weed in Colorado, is going to get rich, and he's probably right. It is now the land of green opportunity for good, honest money; who wouldn't take advantage of that if they could?


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