According to Jeri Clausing, of Travel Weekly, Colorado's tourism officials want to delay "pot promotions" until enough data has been gathered to assess the impact of legalized weed on other types of tourism in the state. Well, that makes sense, but if they wait too long, when decriminalization comes they'll have the rest of America to compete with for the "pot dollar." Apparently, Christine Arakelian, of New York, recently spent time in Colorado with her son, and did not appreciate all the "weed talk forced on them by uncouth stoners." Well, Christine, the only way to protect your child from the world is by home schooling, because he has surely heard a hell of a lot worse in public school than on the streets of Colorado. Colorado doesn't have to sweat losing one like her, because fifty stoners have already taken her place, and most of them are going to book with companies like Colorado Green Tours, or Colorado Highlife. They come prepared to spend, and their money is just as green as anyone else's.


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