Michael Roberts, Denver Westword Blogs, has some interesting info on legalization, and the news media. Colorado's tourism biggies continue to pretend pot doesn't exist in their state, while at the same time, everyone else in the world knows better because it's getting coverage from major networks. That same tourism board is going to be one of many state agencies that benefit from the "pot dollar," and you have to wonder; when they get their share are they going to pretend they don't know where it came from? Cannabis may have been snubbed in Super Bowl ads, but you can bet any weed in a fan's pocket at that game was probably bought, and taxed, in Colorado. Travel writing apparently doesn't exist in Colorado for Marijuana, but when a reporter like Andrea Sachs takes a ride with Colorado High Life Tours, the Tourism Office could find themselves out of a job. Who needs them with people like Sachs to tell us how it really is.

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