The Newest Addition To The Party Bus…

We all recall the ‘Boogie Bus’ or ‘Party Bus’, essentially a nightclub dancefloor on wheels. Well, it was only a matter of time before a cannabis equivalent was – legally – on the move. These cannabis themed tours take you through the entire industry as you can see it grow from day to day, allowing you to sample some of the finest bud that are on offer. These tours provide a great way to actually see the industry at its very foundations – we are at the start of a revolution, people! – while getting to try firsthand the quality on display.

Special report: Does Colo. have edge over Utah with its marijuana dispensaries?

If visions of lush powdered slopes and swanky ski resorts come to mind when you think of vacationing in Colorado you might find yourself among the minority. Tens of thousands have up-rooted and moved to Colorado in response to the legalization of recreational marijuana use. Colorado vacationers seem to be paralleling the path. The question is, will Utah be forced to watch their travel and tourism revenue go up in smoke?

Stoners Already Adding Big Bucks To Colorado's State Budget

Kerry Sanders of NBC News had some interesting information. The extra money in Colorado's state budget is already more than predicted, and instead of the measly 67 million that was supposed to be the annual, that figure is now at 100 million. The high price of a joint certainly isn't slowing down the shoppers much, if at all.

Is Nevada Next For Legalization?

According to Nathan Baca, Investigative Reporter, it's starting to look like Nevada is going to be next for legal weed. State Senator, Tick Segerblom, has said that Nevada's voters will get their chance in the 2016 election to follow Colorado's path, and Metro Police's Chuck Gallaway is already working with lawmakers to create a "marijuana policy" for Nevada.

How Texans are buying pot in Colorado: 'It’s, like, the new tourism'

With the New Year came the end of marijuana prohibition for the great state of Colorado. Pot smokers from far corners of the globe are visiting Colorado to experience the new found freedoms associated with marijuana consumption. So it isn’t at all surprising that Texans too, are due north. 

Cannabis Tours Spread Like Weeds In Colorado

Lark Gould of Travel News Destination Updates, has good news for anyone interested in touring Colorado's cannabis dispensaries, retailers, and other marijuana related businesses. The tours offered by Colorado Highlife is just one choice among many, and now the snow has serious competition for its fair share of the tourist's dollar.

Marijuana Tourism Is About to Take Off in Colorado This Year

The legalization of recreational marijuana has spawned a new breed of tourism in Colorado. 

Complex City Guide profiled Spiro Tours Colorado, the world’s first luxury cannabis tour provider. Offering elite lifestyle experiences, Spiro Tours takes a concierge approach to delivering five-star resort, dining and entertainment for the sophisticated marijuana consumer. 

Data: Bump in flight searches to Denver tracks with marijuana legalization

It’s no surprise to see that since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, the State – Denver in particular – is seeing massive increases of tourists coming along to enjoy the ride for themselves. Travel data company Hopper estimate that the largest increases are coming from States and countries with strict legal laws. No surprises there, then!

The Denver 'Pot Pavilion' Is Officially Happening!

Denver is going to allow the proud growers of marijuana plants to compete against each other this year. The Denver County Fair is a huge part of the area and it’s great to see them modernize things and allow those who like to grow marijuana get a little bit of the glory themselves. Sadly, only pictures will be allowed of the plants and no actual smoking will be allowed on premises.

Colorado Legalization – A Good Thing, No?

Like with any good thing that happens, the nay-sayers have been out in force. While the majority of Colorado can see that the benefits to the economy, tourism, employment, local business and crime are going to be outstanding increases on previous averages, some people are still looking for negative points.


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