Awesome Couple Offer Denver’s First Stoned Hotel Stay!

While you may have stayed in more than one hotel room thinking through your entire life, have you ever done it legally? Colorado, the current global capital of jealousy due to making it legal, is offering that chance now. The Dyke family have turned their home into a stoner resort whereby, for $199 a night, you can take in a high-end experience with marijuana on tap!

How Can People Even Ask If Tourism Of Any Kind Is A Benefit Or A Curse?

Barry Petersen, of CBS News, recently took a "dry run" tour with Michael Eymer, just before the man opened up his "pot tours" business. Eymer was booked before the first tour, and yet some still question whether or not legalized weed is going to hurt Colorado's tourism industry, or its reputation in general. There are skiers in the world right now that are going to choose Colorado snow over other places, specifically because they can get weed there. How high does the writing on the wall have to be before people like Michael Freely notice it?

Food Sure Is Starting To Smell Good In Colorado

Dan Daru, of FOX31 in Denver, recently reported on the large number of food services already making big bucks via Colorado's legalized weed. No surprise there. Obviously, "food dealers" are going to do very well in a state with legal pot. One such place is Edible Events.

Nervous Politicians Want To Avoid Promoting Pot Tourism

According to Jeri Clausing, of Travel Weekly, Colorado's tourism officials want to delay "pot promotions" until enough data has been gathered to assess the impact of legalized weed on other types of tourism in the state.

The Cautious Hang Back While The Bold Rush Forward

Ana Campoy, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, says Colrado travel boards may be feeling a bit timid right now. You can over-do caution though, and it's going to put them way behind the many private parties, and companies brave enough to take a chance on profiting from legal weed now instead of later. She says it's too soon to say how many tourists have lit up in Colorado, but I say booked pot tours, and millions in new tax revenues speak for themselves.


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